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Club Cats

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Four Paws.png
Four Paws.png

We have 2 official Club cats, Stella (tabby) and Biscuit (tortoiseshell). These cats are well looked after and much loved by staff and members.

They are fully vaccinated, neutered and wormed.

And no matter what they try to tell you otherwise, they are extremely well fed!

Cat in Basket


Our Club cats are well fed by us so we do ask you not to feed them. If you wish to donate towards their upkeep and food, you can do this at reception. 

We also get visited by neighbouring compound cats looking for a free meal. We respectfully ask you also not to feed these cats however much you may want to. Otherwise, they become over confident and can start climbing on tables etc looking for food, this then results in us having to have these cats removed and relocated.

We do also ask that you ensure any children in your party do not harass or chase any of the cats or try to pick them up.

British Club members can show their membership cards for a preferential rate at Tails Veterinary Centre.

Animal Charities in Bahrain

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