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Reciprocal Clubs in Bahrain

Your Home Away From Home

We are lucky to have three other great member's only reciprocal clubs in Bahrain.

As a member of The British Club you can enter all of them for a nominal fee.

Dinner with Friends

Reciprocal Clubs

Fancy a change of scenery? Check out our Bahrain reciprocal clubs.

Bahrain Reciprocal Club Entry Rules

Under our reciprocal arrangements, members may visit the above mentioned clubs in Bahrain, subject to the following conditions:

1. Fully paid up members (excluding Country and Temporary) may gain entry to all three reciprocal clubs on payment of BHD1 per visit

2. Signing in of guests is not allowed

3. Use of additional facilities, e.g. Stables, Yacht Moorings, Library is not allowed. Sports facilities cannot be booked in advance, however, when signing in you may request at reception

4. Any persons abusing the system or suspended from one of the clubs will be suspended from all 4 clubs

5. Entry to a reciprocal club is at their discretion and may not be honoured during busy periods or events

6. These rules may change during the holy month of Ramadan

Please contact the reciprocal club you wish to visit on public holidays etc before visiting to ensure entry is available

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