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Pilates Stretches

Pilates Sculpt
with Kirsty

Pilates Sculpt is a dynamic fusion of classic Pilates movements with added resistance training to intensify the workout and sculpt the body. This class takes traditional mat work to the next level.

Each session focuses on precise movements that target specific muscle groups, enhancing strength, flexibility and posture.  The combination of controlled Pilates moves with added resistance ensures a full-body workout that tones, tightens, and sculpts.

You’ll be guided through a series of exercises, offering modifications to cater to all fitness levels. By the end of the class, you will have worked every major muscle group, leaving you feeling strong, elongated, and invigorated.

These classes are open to members and non-members and are subject to additional cost.

About Me

I have had a passion for fitness for 33 years.  My journey started with running and once I had the bug I started to get involved with a range of fitness classes.  In 2010 I attended a Zumba class, it was such a fun class with a great atmosphere.  I decided I would become an instructor, and qualified in 2011.   I enjoyed teaching so much that I gained further qualifications in teaching group exercise and Pilates.  I have instructed classes on a self-employed basis and also working for fitness studios in England.  I have experience in teaching groups and training people individually.  I believe fitness should be something people want to do and not something they have to do. Fitness should be fun and engaging, which is why I create varied but challenging workout routines to suit everyone’s fitness level.  I love to share my enthusiasm and motivate people in progressing their fitness needs and achieving their goals.



Please get in touch if you are interested in joining my Pilates Sculpt classes.

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