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Corporate & Social Responsibility

Your Home Away From Home

At the Club we are constantly working towards being more environmentally friendly and sustainable and we offer ongoing support to

local and international charities.

We also pride ourselves on offering fair and above industry standard conditions for our team.

Crushed Plastic Bottles

Our Mission


  • To reduce single use plastic waste

  • Repair, re-purpose, re-use rather than replace wherever possible

  • Reduce paper use and waste within the Club

  • Working towards improved recycling practices

  • Conserving energy & water


  • Ongoing support of local charitable organisations

  • Making our theatre space available for local schools to encourage early participation in the arts

  • Offering support to staff who wish to volunteer within local non-profitable organisations

Business Ethics

  • We will promote fair practice in our business dealings

  • The Club will ensure respect towards the consumer, staff & visitors alike

  • We will conduct business with integrity and respect

  • The Club will continue to offer and improve it's team benefits and work environment

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