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Golf Players



A cross-country game in which a player strikes a small ball with various clubs from a series of starting points (teeing grounds) into a series of holes on a course. The player who holes his ball in the fewest strokes wins. 

Our golf section are a sociable bunch who play every Friday morning (weather permitting) at the beautiful Royal Golf Club in Riffa, Bahrain.

Golf Section

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Want to join us?

Interested In Golf ?

Why not join us at The British Club Golf Section?

We are confident that as a member of the British Club Golf Section you will enjoy all aspects of the section including the Mini Monty Course at the  Royal Golf Club in Riffa Views.

The section meets every Friday at the RGC Wee Monty for a fun filled morning of light competition, camaraderie and a social beverage whilst extolling the virtues of the day.

Fully organised competitions and events are part of our calendar and will appeal to a wide variety of golfers

(Novice and Pro).

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