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Guests & Visitors

Your Home Away From Home

Whilst The British Club is predominantly a members-only club, guests of both members and the Club are welcome.

In each case entry requirements may differ, please contact the reception team for clarification.

Friends & Pizza

Member Guests

Members may bring in a maximum of 3 guests on any one visit during their membership although we do ask that regular visiting guests apply for membership. The process is a simple matter of presenting the guest to our Reception Team who, after receipt of the guest fee (currently BHD2.5 per adult) & valid photo identification will allow admission to the Club. If your guest arrives after you, you must go to reception or security to sign them in.


Last admission time for guests is 11pm during the week and 12 midnight at weekends.

Junior guests under 18 years are free during the week and do not count towards your 3 guests. At weekends junior guests age 12-17 will be charged a guest fee of BHD1. No photo ID required.

It should be noted that guests are not permitted to remain in the club after the departure of the person signing them in and that person is at all times responsible for their guest’s behaviour. So please do not sign in people you do not know.

Members must be over the age of 18 to sign in guests and any under 18s on the Club's premises must be accompanied by an adult.

Members who leave their guests in the Club when they depart may be subject to suspension from the Club.

Guest fees may increase during the holy month of Ramadan.


Visiting Family & Friends

We offer a temporary membership which enables member's visitors to access the Club for two week periods (or multiples of) allowing them to come and go as they please without the need for the sponsoring member to be present throughout their stay.

Visitors, who MUST NOT reside in Bahrain just need to complete the temporary membership form, provide a passport type photo along with a copy of the entry visa and passport details page to the reception team, who will process the application and take payment. An access card will be issued within 48hrs to allow unlimited entry to the club for the duration of the temporary membership.

Temporary members cannot sign in guests.
It should be noted that the sponsoring member remains responsible for the behaviour of these guests when on the club’s premises.

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