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Safety In The Club

Finding Inspiration At Every Turn

Whilst we all want children to have a great time in the club we also want them and our other members and visitors to enjoy their day safely as well. Please note the below guidelines we ask you to follow to ensure everyone's safety and comfort when visiting the club.

Father and Children

Safety In The Club

  • Please do not leave children unattended to roam around the club at any time

  • NEVER leave a child in the club alone even for a few minutes

  • We ask that you ensure that children do not run around the food and drink service areas at any time. The waiting staff carry heavy trays of food and drinks

  • Children are not permitted in the smoking Sports Bar at any time

  • Children can access #10, The Globe and the Outside Inn as long as they are supervised at all times

  • We do not have a pool lifeguard on duty so please do not let children anywhere near the pool unsupervised

  • Please do not allow children into the dedicated swimming lanes in the pool, these are for serious swimmers only

  • Do not let children go to the bathroom unsupervised, the sex of the parent/carer taking the child to the bathroom should determine which bathroom you use

  • Please ensure children do not feed, harass or pester the club cats, we cannot be held responsible for any injuries in this instance

  • We understand children can be noisy when playing but please be mindful that other members come to the club to relax so please try and ensure noise levels are kept at a reasonable level

  • No ball games should be played anywhere other than on the tennis courts and only then if the net has been removed and the court is not being used. Any damage to tennis nets will be charged to the parent/carer

  • If your membership includes a "Nanny Card" please ensure the nanny/caregiver is familiar with these guidelines

  • Please be aware that violent, bullying or repeated unsociable behaviour will result in the child/family being suspended or banned from the club

  • We ask that children under 12 years are removed from the Club by 9pm on school-nights and 10:30pm at weekends and school holidays

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