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Zumba Class

with Nadia

My Zumba classes are the perfect way to get your heart pumping and your body moving! These energetic, fun and uplifting classes are designed to get your blood flowing, your calories burning and your spirits lifted. Come join us and let the music take you away.

These classes are open to members and non-members and are subject to additional cost.

About Me

My fitness journey began in 2005 when I qualified as a dance aerobics instructor.  Later I also added step aerobics, which was my favorite at that time. 
Then i moved to Bahrain and left fitness for a while, but one day I got to a Zumba class and it felt so good, it made me realize how much I missed this job and the endless positive energy that you get from people in fitness classes. So I took a course and got licensed to conduct Zumba classes, and I'm very happy with that decision. 
I continued my fitness education and received licenses to conduct Aqua classes, Strong Nation, Kids and kids junior zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba gold and Circl Mobility. 
I always loved working out and going to fitness classes, but very often I felt awkward, especially in the new gyms where I didn’t know anyone. I know that many people refrain from going to gyms or fitness classes for the same reason, so it is very important to me that those people who come to my classes feel comfortable, regardless of their fitness level or physique.
Zumba classes are filled with incredible positive energy that will lift the mood and spirit of anyone, along with burning tons of calories.
I really love fitness and i realize how much it affects many aspects of our lives I wish that anyone can join without any worries and feel how great it is and no doubt it will affect their life in the best way.

These classes are open to members and non-members and are subject to additional cost.



Please get in touch if you are interested in joining my Zumba classes.

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