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Play Area

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Finding Inspiration At Every Turn

We are very proud of our our play area and it continues to entertain our junior members day in day out. With an exciting climbing frame and slide, and other fun equipment its a great place for the little ones to burn off some energy while you enjoy a chilled beverage on our Terrace overlooking the play area.

Multi Climb
Noughts & Crosses
Colourful Climber
Rope Climb
Rope Pyramid

Play Area

We do ask you to please note the following:

  • No child is to be left unattended in the play area

  • The play area is designed to be used by children under 12 yrs old only

  • The play area is used at your own risk and the club cannot be held liable for any injuries resulting from using the play area

  • British Club staff have the right to ask a parent to remove their child from the play area if there is over-exuberant behaviour or intimidation of smaller children

  • No ball games are permitted in the play area

  • No glass items are to be taken into the play area

  • No food or drink is to be taken into the play area

  • Anyone caught dropping litter in the play area will be asked to leave the area

Thank you!

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