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Tae Kwan Do Hands

Tae Kwon Do

TAE KWON DO has been practiced in the Club since 2000.  It is a traditional Korean martial art, practiced worldwide as probably the most popular martial art in the world.  Distinguishable by the distinctive white uniforms, colour/black belts and red/blue headgear and body protection, it achieved spectacular recognition in the 2012 London Olympics. Tae Kwon Do means ‘the way of the hand the foot’.

Tae Kwon Do Section

Want to join us?

BEGINNERS AND EXPERIENCED players are all welcome and there is no age limit – our players range from 6 years to 70+.  TKD is an individual sport where people can train at their own preferred intensity whether to achieve a black belt, to compete in sparring or forms, to learn self defense or just for some fun and exercise.  Several students who started in the Club as beginners achieved internationally recognised Korean WTF 1st and 2nd black belts (Dan), some who started out in the Club moved on to compete internationally with the Bahrain national team. Any players with a competitive ambition can work towards WTF national, international or Olympic competition.

All training is coached by a male 6th Dan International Master Coach and a female 2nd Dan Junior Coach.

THE KIDS in the Juniors really have fun in training while most also become motivated to work hard towards grading to the next belt level and all hope to eventually one day achieve the coveted black belt (Dan) status. The tenets of Tae Kwon Do, instilled throughout all TKD training, are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.  Our classes are structured and disciplined including fitness, flexibility and strength training in preparation for kicking, punching, sparring and forms practice.  Concentration, focus, self-confidence, self-control and self-respect develop through practicing Tae Kwon Do.  It’s great to see the kids achieve!

TEENS / ADULTS training builds fitness, flexibility and strength while developing the fighting skills so recognisable as martial arts, as well as a physical confidence that carries through into every-day life. Players learn and practice the kicks, punches and fighting techniques that develop into sparring skills. Sparring in class is optional, and is a safe and fun sport.   The unarmed self defence techniques taught at adult classes are very popular and also practical for ‘real-life’ situations.  Occasional weapons classes are an added interest, using mock knives, shennai (practice swords) or sticks.

EVERYONE can work towards that first black belt (1st Dan), and then train on to the higher Dan levels.  Dan testing is authorised and certified by the WTF headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

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